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Homeowners want the best Heating Equipment in Dallas and surrounding cities, which can make their homes cozy & comfortable during the Cold winter months, especially when the temperature reaches below 30 degrees. Before telling you about PEBB's installation, repair, and maintenance service, our experts recommend high-quality Heaters in Dallas County

We offer the highest quality installations in the industry, anytime you need it. Make sure you work with the professionals at PEBB. Our technicians have the experience and training, so you can count on them to have the proper skills and knowledge for the work they do. You will never need another company for your Heating needs.

Pebb technicians are proud of the work they do, and they’re always willing to share their accomplishments. 

If you are looking for a professional HVAC technician to assist you with Heating repair, installation and / or maintenance then you are in the right place. 

Our Heating Services Includes:
- Furnace Installation
- Furnace Repair
-- Furnace Maintenance 

How Heating Systems Work

The majority of homes in the U.S. use a furnace to provide heat. Furnaces use a variety of fuels – such as heating oil, electricity, propane or natural gas – to heat homes. 

Furnaces use forced air to distribute heat throughout your house. Inside of a furnace, air is warmed up by the fuel source. A blower then pushes the warm air through a duct system and into various rooms of a house. Cooled air returns to the furnace through a separate series of ducts, known as a return. 

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