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Kennedale Heating & Air Conditioning

Image by Erin Hervey

At PEBB Services, we are a team of expert heating and cooling technicians in Kennedale, Texas and the surrounding areas.


As locals, we understand the struggle of a broken AC or furnace during the heat of summer or the cool of winter in North Texas. To survive in Texas, you need a reliable AC unit and a team you can trust to help you achieve it.


We are highly recommended in Kennedale, Texas due to our expertise in residential and commercial heating and cooling systems alike. We focus on making sure that all of our clients receive fast and reliable services and are available 24/7.




House? Apartment? Condo? We focus on all residential property types. As a homeowner, tenant, or landlord, you may find yourself without the proper conditions inside your property. We are available to assist all residential properties 24/7. We are familiar with a variety of unit types and are prepared to provide a fast and effective response to keep those who live at your residential property comfortable.


Upon arrival at your residential property, we will discover the source of the issue. When the problem is discovered, we will then discuss the next steps with you and our plan to solve this issue. In the event that parts must be replaced, we will communicate with you and provide you with options prior to moving forward.


Commercial Properties

Commercial properties typically differ from residential properties in that they have a commercial HVAC system. Repairs to your HVAC system can quickly go beyond the scope of many AC experts. When it comes to HVAC repairs, you need a reliable team of experts with the proper training and equipment to get the job done right. At PEBB Services, all of our technicians are trained to identify the source of the issue and restore the system. We understand the importance of restoring the HVAC system on your commercial property with little to no disruption.


We have a reputation in Kennedale for our quick response, expert technicians, and effective work. 


Is your residential or commercial property in need of repairs? Call us today at 214-715-2611.

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